jen-before-and-after-copy2blake-before-and-after-copy1Drum roll please! The winners of the 2009 Paleo Challenge are……..Jen Muir and Blake Altemara. Jen won the most first place votes and that makes her the overall winner. She will receive three months worth of training with us. Blake will get one. ┬áJen won the womens title in convincing fashion with Sheryl coming in second. On the mens side the race was very close. Blake won by just two votes over Brook which makes Brook the runner up. Coming in a close third was Ali G. Congrats to everyone that participated and you all deserve credit for sticking with it. Out of 29 people that joined back in July only 12 people bothered to take after photos. So all of the contenders deserve a ton of credit for living the paleolithic ┬álifestyle for 2 months.

Runners up:


This reminds me to not take ourselves too seriously.


5 Rounds of:

5 Hang power cleans (185#/115)

10 Box Jumps (24″ box for both girls and guys)

150 m Run (around building, touch fence and return)

Coaches: Take athletes through Burgener warmup. Focus on the hang position and developing velocity on bar.