donDon gritting his way through the unbroken hang squat cleans.

First off some sad news. Pipers father passed away Friday night. My deepest condolenses go out to you at this time Piper. I am so sorry for your loss. Please post your thoughts/words to comments.

This week will be a backoff week from our strength cycle and we will be doing some metcon benchmarks. Hit as many as you can, as these are workouts that test your work capacity and your overall fitness level. We will return to these WODs every couple of months or so to see where we stand.

Monday say both Karen and Annie WODs. Try and make these up some time this week if you missed yesterday.

What I take from this? A bit watered down so O’Reilly wouldn’t jump down his throat. Low fat cuts of meat? As long as its natural and not uber processed like a Foster Farms sliced lunch meat, fat found in meat is not only not harmful but necessary. Also, O’Reilly prompting Dr. Eades with its ok to eat grains/pasta/bread etc. as long as its in moderation. Sure if you want to see moderate results. Same with exercise right. Done moderately you will see mediocre results. I think the people who train like we do are not the moderate type. If you have not already, go grain/pasta/bread/and potato free for two months. See what happens. Most important thing to take from that interview was the fact that starch is actually just plain sugar. Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little to no starch and no sugar.



3 Rounds of:

400m Run

21x KB Swing

12x Pullup