Orange Coast CrossFit – CrossFit

A: Metcon (Weight)

0-20 Min EMOM

Min 1: 2 Front Squat

Min 2: 10 Double KB Front Rack Sit-Up (Green/ White) [straight leg]

20-30 Min Clock (AMRAP)

400m Single Arm OH DB Walk

(50/30) (45/25) (40/20)

AMRAP in remaining time….

– Single DB Burpee step up & over [20″]

30-33 Min Clock (AMRAP)


Hollow Rock OR Reverse Crunch
0-20 min NOTES:

Front Squat sets will increase weight each set finishing with a HEAVY Double.

Each KB should be in a front rack position that allows KB’s to rest on chest. If straight leg is too difficult to keep legs down then lower the weight!

20-30 Min NOTES:

**On the overhead walk and the burpee step up you may switch arms as needed. Think about ensuring adequate balance during workout and while loading left and right side evenly.

**DB must be locked out overhead with good core engagement while walking

**push up with one hand on DB and step up/over w/ farmer hold grip.

30-33 Min NOTES:


Score for the Day = Front Squat Weight reached