A: Metcon (Time)


5 Rounds for Time:

20 Bulgarian Split Squat (10 each leg) [use coffee table or couch to post leg]

30 alt “Cross Body” Mountain Climber (knee to opposite elbow)

40 alt Flutter Kicks

50 Marine Corps Crunches (slide feet under couch if you do not have DB’s to place on feet)

– 2 Min Rest –

Every 90 Seconds for 15 Minutes

Odd: Rotating plank (:30 sec left side, :30 sec Center, :30 sec Right side)

Even: 12 Burpees + 24 alt Jump Reverse Lunges (rest in remaining time)
Score=Time to complete the 5 round workout! Make sure you are signing into your normal class time and posting scores to the community whiteboard!

(otherwise I’ll assume you are just sitting on your couch eating twinkies)